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    Hello to you all. I wondered if anyone could help me out finding a 2.0 16V right front engine mount. Serched the whole web, but seems difficult.
    Found some with but they are less widen then the one cuurently mounted. Seems there's a differnce between 1.8 and 2.0 qua with. Any help would be great.

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    Bosshogg This is a known phenomenon, but sadly I don't have a solution for you, all the aftermarket engine mounts are like it

    two of my gte I now have a 20mm alloy spacer block between the engine bracket and rubber mount


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      Actually, after a very long search ive found that a Pontiac,1989,lemans,2.0l+122cid+l4 had the same mount. I assume is an US model of the MK2 with some sort of 2.0L motor in it.
      I bought one in the US for a model WITH airco, so a ANCHOR 2670 mount. They are also still on sale in Brasil, 021.0555 Axios, but shipping is a thing, also the language.
      The Anchor i just fitted yesterday (!) and it was like original.


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        thats good to know. you are right pontiac lemans was a mk2 astra built by daewoo in korea for north american market.