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  • Just passed MOT

    Morning, I have made a few posts on here in the past week or so....My 16V has just passed its MOT after about 5 years off the road....

    It does have a few issues - Heavy breathing and the engine management light comes on when you take your foot off the accelerator and then extinguishes once you apply power again.

    My question is where can I get parts from these days? 10 years ago I would go to the Vauxhall dealers to get gaskets/ bolts etc.

    I am missing a couple of cam cover bolts and I am looking to get the sump gaskets from a Mk3 Cavalier 2L (as those are the gaskets fitted to this car).

    Once I have ironed out a few things I was planning on getting in checked out on the rolling road - power delivery seems smooth through the range but from memory the acceleration seems tamer than I remeber !!!

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    Hi there and congratulations on your car passing its MOT. In terms of parts sourcing most Vauxhall dealers now aren't that interested in helping you when it comes to older cars which is a shame. However I find the below links useful now sourcing for most parts but given our cars are all between 25 and 30 years old lots of parts are becoming obsolete. or 01924 376003. These guys are based in Wakefield and would say have the best stock holding of UK Vauxhall parts. They are really helpful too. Basically an electronic parts website linked to Autovaux Based in Germany shipping is expensive 20 euros an order so unless you are making up a big order can work out expensive.

    There are also Vauxhall Green parts and Vauxhall Car Parts (if you goggle them) This link is basically an electronic parts catalogue so you can obtain part numbers to try and at least track down parts you need

    Hope the above is of use.


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      armed with the original part number, ive honestly not failed to come up with spares. daewoo in eastern europe and chevrolet in south america have helped extend genuine parts no end, probably some 10 or 15 years, but still get tonnes of pattern parts showing up on ebay using the part number.

      you can retrieve the error codes from the ECU using a paper clip and methodical flashing system via the engine management light, if you google topbuzz ecu error codes there is a guide


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        THanks for all your comments. I have posted some pictures of the car.


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          heres a link to a video of the engine at tickover (if you like that kind of thing)

          Ignore the following, I am having difficulty editing my own posts:


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            did you get the ecu error codes ? (one is stored every time the light comes on)


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              The error went away believe it or not. I didn't drive it for a few months and then the error was gone the next time I started driving it!


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                Had a look behind the bumper. The rust is interesting as appears on the edges (like the paint on the edges wasn't good at protecting). It's a rattley bumper as part of the plastic on the bumper that locates on the drivers side hanger is broken at the bottom.

                Click image for larger version

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                  Paint is always thinner on sharp edges compared to flat panels, just because the nature of viscous fluids

                  it looks pretty good behind there from your photos


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                    Odd jobs - I've had the carbon canister mounting cleaned up, take a look before and after:

                    Click image for larger version

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