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Ebay - Leather Edition "Champion" for sale

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  • Ebay - Leather Edition "Champion" for sale

    Not sure if this is a club members but i'm sure the sale of this will be watched with some interest.

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    Looks nice Clive,but not as nice as yours!
    I would say yours is worth 10k plus or to me 4k lol.


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      I looked on mot history and says mot ran out 2012?


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        Originally posted by STEVEBOXER View Post
        I looked on mot history and says mot ran out 2012?
        Yeah it does say its been in storage and off the road for a few years.


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          Looks like the plates are missing off the slam panel too.


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            The mot history and mileage seem odd on government website but could be a admin error i guess.
            Looks nice car though just don,t understand why he will not just mot it and say it has 12 months to go.


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              a few things i dont like, the advert is really lazy for a car of this value. comments like "this sells itself" well no, actually, it doesnt. if you want strong money for a mk2 astra it needs to be more thorough. It might seem boring to the masses, but for a car with this target audience a thorough advert gives the appearance you care about the car.

              same again, MOT is beer money these days, show the cars willing and us a bit of confidence, if it will pass easy then get the easy pass

              one of the pictures is of an engine being rebuilt (yes he says that happened) but the engine is a cavalier or calibra unit. so you cant really have originality or rarity as a selling feature

              nuts on the top mounts are body coloured, so its had a bit of paint thrown around. VIN plate and trim plate missing, why ?

              other than that it presents like a fine car