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Very Nice Pre Face Lift 8v GTE for Sale Ebay

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  • Very Nice Pre Face Lift 8v GTE for Sale Ebay

    Just spotted this come up on ebay. Definitely owned by an enthusiast who has looked after it by the looks of the well documented advert.

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    Now that does look like a good 'un. Lovely colour too. My first reaction was that it was just a little steep for an 8v but having another look at it - and bearing in mind the values these days - actually it's probably about fair. Nice find, somebody will enjoy that


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      Very fair I think and a lovely looking example. Time I started entering the lottery so I can get that hangar, give up work and look after my private fleet, I think. Cars in that condition, with a nice history must be getting few and far between now. I wouldn't even be surprised if a trader bought it not far below that price and patiently advertised it for more in search of a real enthusiast.

      I'd be very happy to have an 8V in my fleet and some of you will remember I bought an engine and was collecting all the bits to convert the (white) V6 back to being a standard 8V some years ago, but decided against ending it's V6 days. I miss G634OWA quite a lot really, it was lots of fun.
      See my project car HERE.


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        midnight blue was a costly option back then, outside of the big 3 normal colours. i think the car presents very well, having year dated plastic wallets is mega anal and i am jealous i didnt think of that.

        overall htoughts, will probably see it on KGF classics or ACL for 15k in a month or two

        on the subject of ACL they have just re-sold that white gte 16v which made headlines couple years ago when it was up for 14 grand on KGF (bit sneaky but i noticed the reg number etched into the glass on ACL pictures and joined the dots) baring in mind ACL sold a red 16v which was advertised for 30grand, i think mr Beel is going on a nice vacation this year
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