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  • For Sale Rules

    For Sale Rules.

    UPDATED: 14/12/2011 - Registered users posts will be subject to moderation before the post goes live.

    Rules for buying and selling items on - PLEASE READ!
    If you want to advertise anything for sale on this forum, there are a few basic rules that you must observe, or your thread is likely to receive nagging comments from admin or be removed with no warning.

    Selling items:

    1. You must state the price you want to receive for the item.
    2. Include the location of the item.
    3. Specify whether you will post it and how much that is likely to cost.
    4. Say how you want to be contacted - normally by reply within the thread.
    5. Keep the thread up to date, if you revise the price, say so, if you sell the item, say so and a moderator will close the thread for you.
    6. Do NOT try to operate auction style sales on the forums, use eBay instead.

    Every for sale thread must include atleast one picture of the item for sale and the following description be completed for each,

    Offers: Y/N
    Postage cost:

    Registered users posts will be subject to moderation before the post goes live.

    If you fail to use the correct format your advert will be deleted.

    Buying items:
    1. Before you send any payments to a seller, ensure you have their contact details and address. If the seller will not supply their address, DO NOT buy the item.

    Reading and replying to For Sale and Wanted threads
    To keep these threads on topic, please observe the following points:

    1. Do NOT reply to a thread if you are not trying to buy the item being offered.
    2. Do NOT reply to a thread with any 'helpful' comments.
    3. Do NOT reply to a thread with comments regarding the prices people are asking (PM the seller directly if you want to make a comment).
    4. Keep all derogatory comments to the seller to PM or email communication means, do not air them on the public forums.


    We have a direct link to parcel2go courier services. Astra mk2 Owners Club makes a small fee for every item you send via this service. It is
    also recommended to send items of value this way as both parties can track the delivery.

    General points on advertising and selling / buying through

    The forum includes the facility to sell and buy items from other users as a free service, but all users should note that they are fully responsible for checking that items being offered are suitable for their needs, as described and that the seller can be trusted.

    All buyers and sellers are requested to leave feedback within i-Trader for all transactions, to assist others in judging the good character of an otherwise unknown (to them) seller.

    Under no circumstances can the site administrators or owners be held responsible for the consequences of any deal arranged on the site between two (or more) users. The Astra-mk2 Owners club or staff will not be involved with disputes between buyer/seller or seller/buyer.

    i-Trader rating system

    The forum is running the I-Trader feedback software which allows users to leave public feedback on transactions they've made with other users of the site. It is intended to form an eBay style feedback system, but in no way guarantees that someone is reliable. Any feedback entered must be factual and to the point, without any abusive or personal comments.

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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    Re: For Sale Rules

    please note when you start a new thread it wont immediately appear on the site, it will enter a moderator queue for approval.


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      Re: For Sale Rules

      Bump,, Cars for sale must have a photo of said car please..
      Returned GTE to default settings : On axle stands


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        Hi would you please delete my post for the mk2 astra I'm selling thanks I've been trying to remove it but don't know how