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Tips for changing steering gear gaiters

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  • Tips for changing steering gear gaiters

    Can anyone tell me any tips for changing the gaitors/boots on the zf steering gear with the engine in situ,can I just undo one end and slide it off ? I have an original gm repair kit.

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    old thread, maybe you did it already. but yeah the racks are specificaaly designed so you can undo the U clamp on passenger side, undo track rods and slide the boots off.


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      Thanks DarrenH. I will be attempting this in a couple of weeks. I don't claim to be a mechanic but will give anything a go. I like tinkering with the Astra and this site gives me the confidence to attempt anything on it. If it wasn't for this site I think I would have sold it and just had a boring 1 or 2 year old car.

      But every time I go out for a ride in it I come back with a big grin on my face.:-)