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NSR brake, low effort?

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  • NSR brake, low effort?

    Came up on mot. Found pads rusted solid in the caliper. Cleaned, copperslip'd, freed off, etc. Tested, better enough to pass the mot, but still not balanced perfectly. I think
    I'll replace the fluid, overhaul both sides with new pistons and seals or
    just replace both rear calipers. Anybody had same experience?

    Cheers guys

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    Had something similar on my 944, both rear brakes problematic - I had to replace piston seals and spend ages polishing the slight corrosion out of the bores and pistons with ultra fine paper. New calipers were/are stupid money on that car. Still good four years later, although obviously it lives in a garage!


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      Cheers buddy. Overhaul kit it is then!


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        it will basically be seized piston (the slave cylidner in the caliper) and in my experience usually 1 side or the other.

        bigred do service kits (piston seals, dust seals) and also sell pistons too if the chrome is flaking off yours. they also do on exchange refurb calipers