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Lowering rear only

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  • Lowering rear only

    Hi all. Has anyone ever just lowered the rear of a GTE? The arse in the air look
    is bugging me but don't want to loose a standardish look by lowering all round.

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    i know what you mean about the look of it. the difficulty you will have is that all lowering springs (by basic design necessity) have a higher spring rate. if they didnt, i.e they were same softer rate, but just lower, you would be smashing into the bump stops all the time

    if you fit "lowering spring" just to the rear, you then make the rear stiffer than the front which is a recipe for some interesting handling, on a car which is renowned for being tail happy as standard !

    the only way i can see around it would be to notch the chassis rails and set the upper spring perches your target amount (1 or 2 inches) then you keep the standard "travel" and spring rate, but the car looks lower


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      huge sub box in the boot thats how we got them to sit more level back in the day.

      do you want the ride to stay the same? (not firm it up or could you live with a firm ride)


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        Not to bothered on the firmness of ride. Would just like the "stance" of the car to look better


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          I have been thinking about doing the same thing but haven't thought about the best way to do it yet. I have the weight of the V6 in the front too.

          Over here most people take a more, erm, relaxed approach to these problems. A gentle heat across some of the spring coil is common practice with trucks and older vehicles. I'm not a fan of this approach but it does work.

          To move the spring perch, would you have to move the bottom one too? How much do you think it would have to be moved?


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            Im just looking at makeing some coilovers for my mk2. this could solve your problem. wind the front coilover up so same ride height and lower the back to get it level, the ride would be a little harder but would look standard ish.


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              Sounds like a good idea. Which coilovers did you use?


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                You could remove the rear upper and lower rubber spring seats and wrap duck tape round the upper and lower spring pig tails. A little trick I've used previously on my GTE prior to fitting coilovers. It'll help drop the rear 10mm. Another option would be custom rear springs as these can make whatever you like
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