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300mm front discs advice

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  • 300mm front discs advice

    As part of the restoration it's almost time for the brakes, problem is im running 15" comp THs and that ain't going to fit over the dinner plates so was wondering if there is a 16" rim that works with these discs and GM calapers ?

    Just to add at the moment it's running 285mm discs and GM calipers that just about went under the comps but as it's going LET they have to go.

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    i know rotor size is king, but 285 disks were ok on 1400 kilo cavalier? + 4pots would give you the upgrade ?


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      Ok and that way I could keep the comps, I do like the speedlines but would prefer the comps. Any particular 4 pots and bracket you know of that would do the job?


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        are they standard GM disks ?

        i know wilwood and hi-spec do 285 + 4 pot kit but they arent GM disks


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          Will have to check the discs tomorrow I brought the whole kit from LMF back in 2004, the calipers are definitely GM and the discs are Groved EPC v6 kit rings a bell, will let you know tomorrow


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            ah yeah, i remember those kits! yeah basically all parts bin stuff from calibra/cavalier and disks redrilled to 4 stud


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              Yeah that's the kit and got to say was impressed running 5.1 and done many of track days without an issue, just can't believe they are still on the car that I sold in 04 and brought back in 2015 almost as I sold it

              The first pic is the 285 v6 set up and the other is the 300 kit but not sure what the calipers are from, this set up was on a 3lt corsa b from some fella from bobing in Kent

              Notice the pcd on the 300 discs.