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Brake caliper modification

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  • Brake caliper modification

    any one know if the front brake calipers off an astra g will fit the astra mk 2 ?

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    Re: Brake caliper modification

    Sort answer is No, different hole centres on the leg.


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      Wondering can I leave the brake servo in a 1.2 astra mk 2 alone when fitting a red top engine in ? not going to run the abs system on her servo bell is a lot bigger on gte than 1.2 also 4 pipes off master cylinder on 1.2, where as only 2 on gte system feeding abs pump, will it work ? or will there be too much pressure on smaller bell servo and blow it ?


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        You don't need to modify anything on the brakes save ideally fitting 256mm front brakes.


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          It will all work but the pedal could be long if your changing the brake calipers as the master cylinder is a smaller diameter on base models.

          Id try to find an Astra GTE 16v non ABS front master cylinder - should be 22mm I think - and will have the 4 outputs as you currently have - if your fitting bigger calipers (which is more than recommended if fitting a redtop!)

          My rallying with mk2 adventures...


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            These 22mm non abs master cylinders are still available new for some odd 100 euro or so, and shipping.... you can leave the servo in, thats not a problem. You need to get the correct master though, as there is delco (with the mounting bolts flat/horizontal) and there is ATE, with the bolts on the servo at a 45 degree angle.

            If you dont swap the master it'll work, but with pretty mushy pedal feel and rather poor dosability. 22mm master will provide a much firmer catch point, but will need a little more effort, hence it is normally paired with an inch larger servo. To me, being 1.94 meters and 100kg, this doesn't make much of a difference, but my wife was quite happy with the stock gte larger servo fitted.


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              Thanks for replys might just see how it works on standard system , will be changing calipers to gte ones if I am not happy with the pedal will change master cylinder later !