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What C20XE Engine Upgrade?

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    Re: What C20XE Engine Upgrade?

    ARP2000 I think are the top grade, Harvey covered all the different ones in his restoration thread. Also where to get them from.


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      Re: What C20XE Engine Upgrade?

      Originally posted by richie00boy View Post
      ARP2000 I think are the top grade, Harvey covered all the different ones in his restoration thread. Also where to get them from.
      yea took a look and found the info.

      ARP Hi-Perf 8740 #109-6001

      ARP Pro Series ARP2000 #209-6003
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        Hi All,

        I know this is an old post but was wondering if someone could help, some will know that my car was running the Mbe 912v ecu that used to run like a dream and producing good reliable power, I then sold the car and the new owner said he noticed that only 2 out of the 3 wires on the tps were being used so he soldered back the 3rd wire then the engine never run again it just wouldn't start, long story short he give up at that point and I brought the car back and I couldn’t get it running either so furred a afm on a stock ecu and it started first time and now runs well, if I plug in the 912 it won't start unless I use a lot of easy start then it's massively over fuelling so I'm thinking it might be seeing the wrong signal from the tps as if the fuel position is full open resulting in over fuelling

        Can anyone tell me if the 912v2 only needs two wires to be connected at the tps and if so what are they?

        This has been chipping away at me so would appreciate any help.

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          MBE 912V ECU

          I just see this on another site, dose anyone know about the wiring mod?

          QED e-mails regarding this 912 v2 ecu, only QED replied, and told me the V2 was a ignition ecu only and not designed to run a Injection system but Paul seems to remember that there was a wiring mod which you could used one of the coil inputs to run the injectors set-up a batch sequence but the system only works using single coil and not a wasted spark pack.?????

          Does anyone know owt about this mod?


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            Originally posted by DarrenH View Post
            Re: What C20XE Engine Upgrade?

            sbd used to sell a kit called group N 175.

            basically it was a fully mapable 3D ecu (MBE) adapter to plug that into a standard loom, digital throttle position sensor (replaces stock switch) replacement idle control valve (modified so its manually adjustable)

            the mbe uses throttle angle and engine revs to calculate engine load. so the kit does away with the airflow meter completely

            with an efficient aftermarket exhaust manifold and exhaust system, fully rolling road mapped they claimed 175bhp from this setup.

            everything else standard.
            Hi Darren,

            Just brought a genuine tps and the bloddy thing still won't start, do you know if the mbe 912v2 needs the digital type of tps that's found on the let that I can see the change from roughly 0.5v at idle and 4.5v at full throttle?



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              Very little knowledge on 912 unfortunately, it's a pre millennium serial ecu.

              the tps which the owner "fixed" and broke the car, was it microswitch type (you would hear it clicking at idle and wide open)


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                He repaired the tps wiring that wasn't that great so I fitted a new 3 pin plug so it's alright now. It's got the microswitch type that I was thinking is faulty so brought a brand new genuine boash just the other day put it on and getting the same readings as the old ones so sending it back, the only way I can measure the voltage from 0.5v up to 4.5 watching it go up volt by volt is if I plug in the digital tps from the let but this won't fit the xe throttle pot, do you know if there is a digital tps that fits the xe pot?

                This may be the issue


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                  The late motronic m2.8 on 20xe also had a potentiometer, not sure if it's identical to 20let, I can check.

                  if it was running on a switch type then then it's never going to run on a potentiometer. On flip side in struggling to see how it could run on a switch type. The ecu needs an input for engine load, as standard that's the air flow meter, on mbe it's throttle angle and revs


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                    I see then maybe that's what I need the later type from what I understand if the 912 doesn't get the correct voltage sweep from the potentiometer then it will default to full throttle, this may explain why it will only start on easy start then massively over fuel because it thinks its at full throttle when it's actually on idle

                    If you can find out that would be great



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                      Ok sent the ecu off to a specialist who is going to fully test it and will be able to tell me what throttle position its looking for etc, however he’s confident its not starting because the 912 needs to see a digital sweep of the voltage from idle to full throttle, the common tps doesn’t output theses readings so now trying to find out if the later tps/potentiometer that fits the xe throttle pot puts outs a voltage sweep like the Let potentiometer dose



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                        Part number 0280 22 001 is from the later c20xe so just need to know if this tps has a voltage sweep output unlike the earlier type microswitch tps?


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                          Yep the later pot is a zero to 5 volt sweep. I did check that they are same part for C20LET and c20xe. (when comparing apples to apples I mean) and epc says yes.

                          I agree there are nuances with the actual throttle castings, I have personally modified a later throttle for an earlier switch, but it was a ballache involving drilling and tapping new threads for the switch (although the cast blanks were there) i also believe the spindle was a different size D shape and had to swap that over too. (runs off the small throttle of course which opens first)

                          its possible the mbe doesn't even use the 20xe potentiometer, mine doesn't (later 967)

                          ps sorry can't be more detailed, am.doing all these replies from cell phone in America, reference material is in UK
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                            I thought they would be and going forward a little bit I fitted the later fixed potentiometer and bingo I got the readings that the ecu is looking for, just to add I’ve had the ecu tested and its working correctly and a setting has been changed so it can now be read on Easy map 5.5
                            You made a good point Darren and thinking about it the car was born in 89 and the 912 was date stamped in 96 so this date was when the fixed digital potentiometer was in circulation and correct me if im wrong back in and around 89 the tps didn’t have a voltage sweep output?

                            Anyway, to cut a long story short once the later potentiometer was fitted it started straight away but didn’t have it running longer than 30 seconds or so because it’s in the garage and didn’t want to choke.
                            Will let you know how it turns out when I next get a chance to work on it.
                            Hopefully this thread will help someone else in the future and now I have a contact who knows theses ecu,s inside out and can repair and replace parts as needed.

                            Just wanted to say a big thanks for your help and input its much appreciated


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                              Had the car running for a good couple of hour without any problems, fan in and out as expected, the only issue I had was it splatted a bit while cold for the first few minutes or so had to adjust the modified IAc screw , spoke to the ecu man and he reckons that ecu was originally designed to run an adjustable solenoid rather than a IAC and said its normal to warm it up a bit before driving, back in 03 I remember starting from cold and driving almost straight away, wonder if the iac is no good because when I adjust it its very sensitive and the engine note changes with only the slightest touch of the screw, any ideas?