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Sump Gasket issue

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  • Sump Gasket issue

    I have changed out the old cork gaskets for the rubber baffle option and used M6x20 bolts. The problem I have is a coolent leak on the gearbox side and an two oil leaks on the oil pump side. I bolted the cleaned sump to the engine but have not used and sealing compound.
    Do I need to use sealing compound or have I done something else wrong?
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    generally, no sealing compound with the rubber gasket (the type moulded to the windage tray)

    its good practice to smear some sealant in the join between the oil pump and the block (you know, the oil pump also has part of the sump mounting flange)

    ditto on the main cap join at the flywheel end.

    its possible the leak in your photos is not the sump gasket, but the oil pump to block, possibly an oil pressure sender, possibly the crank seal, possibly the O ring between the oil cooler sandwhich plate and oil pump