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Help with GTE 8V heater pipe layout required please.

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  • Help with GTE 8V heater pipe layout required please.

    After several years away from my GTE 8V build I’m slowly starting to get tinkering again!

    Due to the time lapse I can’t remember where the two hoses from the bottom of the thermostat housing route & connect to?

    Ones short & shaped like a question mark & the others longer with a couple of slight curves, also I need to know which way around they connect to the thermostat housing outlets head side to the right or alternator adjusting bracket side to the left??

    Its a SER engine if that makes a difference...

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    Just found this screen shot on google for a Calibra with an 20NE & hose shaped like a question mark no 11 looks to go onto the hard plastic coolant tube at rear of engine which means that I’ve also got one or both of my heater matrix hoses routed wrongly as well?!


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      Unlikely to be of any use but this is my 1800 .....

      My vehicles:
      2002 Omega Est, 1978 MGB GT, 1973 Honda CB500 K2, 1993 Honda Sevenfifty, 2013 Astra GTC 2.0 cdti .......


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        Thanks for that mate anything to go on is good as i’ve proper messed it up! From your pic looks like it does have the shorter question mark shaped hose running to first outlet on the coolant tube along the back so hopefully that’s a start.


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          is this sorted now? i was trying to find a new hard water pipe as mine had split, i looked at these pipes a lot as there were several different types of hard water pipe. i took a lot of pictures at the time.


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            Hi Mark no not yet. I’m ok with the hard water pipe itself but need to check where the two heater matrix pipes from the bulkhead go to plus where the two from the bottom end of the thermostat housing both route too as well.


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              hi there. when i mention the bulkhead pipes i mean looking at the bulkhead from the front of the car. when i mention the hard plastic pipe again im looking from the front of the car and refer only to the pipes that fit onto the sides of the straight piece, not the ends of the hard plastic pipe or the pipe on the bend of the hard plastic pipe. when i refer to the two pipes at the back of the thermostat housing i mean highest and lowest ie furthest from the ground and closest to the ground. the highest pipe at the back of the thermostat housing goes to the left connection on the bulkhead. the lowest pipe on the thermostat housing housing goes to the left hand stub on the hard plastic pipe. the right hand bulkhead pipe goes to the right hand stub on the hard plastic pipe. i am refering to 20ser f reg 2.0 8v that does not have abs brakes as the abs makes the pipework different.


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                Hi Mark yeah that’s sounds like it’s making a bit more sense now thanks & to help even more it sounds almost identical to yours 2.0 ser g reg 2.0 8V also without ABS. Many thanks as soon as the wind & rain dyes down i’ll get out there & connect things up as per your description.


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                  All sorted now Mark, great advise & description now connected correctly & another job done! Many thanks for your help very much appreciated.