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Hard water pipe

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  • Hard water pipe

    Hi all, any help would great please. My plastic water pipe that sits at the back of the engine has split. Its my daily so i need to fix as quickly as. My car is a GTE 8v the part number is 1310327 90265800, would anyone know if the part is the same on a C20XE astra GSI as i could cannibalise that car if needed. Alternatively is any 8v water pipe the same as they seem to carry a variety of part numbers. Thanks again

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    quick update on this guys, not sure if this helps anyone in the future, i couldnt replace this part?. As it was my daily and i needed a car quickly, i part exchanged the GTE for a replacement, i assume it got scrapped. hope this car serves for 20 years like the GTE did. not sure where we all stand with the hybrid / electric offerings but the future looks grim! take care.