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1990 astramax diesel gearbox?

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  • 1990 astramax diesel gearbox?


    I have a long term Astramax project that I kind of dip in and out of as and when I find the next piece of it to continue fixing it up.

    It's a non turbo diesel.

    My latest question is about gearboxes.

    I had a catastrophic failure at around 100k miles, the clutch was worn out so we changed it but as we pulled out the main shaft to drop the clipped pressure plate and friction plate out of the little hatch the bearings around the shaft tinkled into the bottom of the box and the shaft would not go back in.

    I sent the box off to be reconditioned but did not get the same box back.

    After that the van felt very slow to accelerate but had a mad top speed once you wound it up.

    We think we had a petrol car gearbox back from the rebuilders.

    I'm quite keen to try and find the right box to put back in.

    Does anyone have any tips or part numbers to Id what I have and what I'm looking for please.

    All the best,