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Pierburg issues and replacing the carb question

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  • Pierburg issues and replacing the carb question

    Hi all... My pierburg is playing up, it's idle circuit has been giving me some right headaches of late.
    It will drive fine, and then, after a bit of normal day to day use, will start cutting out at the lights etc and will not tick over at all,to the point of having to turn the throttle stop screw in to pick up the revs to get the car home, I have stripped and rebuilt the carb more than once, I have removed the inlet fuel filter as this seemed clogged ( and a little 'hairy', which i can only assume means it's disintegrating), so out it came and I have fitted a new in-line filter. The issue went away...and then resurfaced. All vac systems have been removed, all gaskets renewed, the manifold to carb plate gaskets have also been renewed, and even the manifold to head gasket. There are no air leaks I can find, ( spraying carb cleaner around the joins doesn't make a bit of difference).
    Timing is ok, mixture is ok, I have messed with both with varying results, still no tick over. Basically the only way you can gt it running is to wind in the throttle stop so the butterfly is open and it sucks fuel from the main jet. You can see and hear it doing this, the fuel is pouring from the main jet orifice and you can hear it 'crackling' ...
    cleaning out the carb and blowing out the jets will sort the issue for a while, but it comes back. There is no crud in the in-line filter, the fuel coming into the carb is clean, is there something else in my carb that is breaking down and clogging up the idle circuit?

    Also, I have come into possession of a good working Pierburg from a 1600 astra, could I just bolt this straight onto my manifold and use that? I have looked in the manual and the main venturis are the same, and the jets are only slightly different, would this work 'out of the box' as it were or do I need to get new jets etc, I don't want to swap anything over from my old carb into this one as I don't really know what is causing the issue, although i suppose the main jets can't be much at fault as the car drives fine apart from the cutting out issue.

    Any help is much appreciated . . .

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    So after finding out that the replacement carb is more blocked than the original, and after discovering that it also does not have a fuel return, I refitted my old carb. One plus point of all this is finding out the choke mech of the new carb, the plastic bit with the springs, was in great condition and a lot free-er in movement than the assembly I had, so I fitted that. Now the car finally starts 'on the button'...still has the recurring running fault but it's getting there, slowly but surely, I will soon have a reliable 'turn-key' motor hopefully.