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hot start problem with 1300 merit

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  • hot start problem with 1300 merit

    my 1988 Merit is a poor starter when it's hot, it's ok if i just restart after a few minutes, but leave it a half hour, and, whether i try full throttle or part throttle, it is very difficult to start....anyone know of a remedy?

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    I have tried to fix this problem with my GTE and after replacing almost everything it still does it!

    The only things I have not replaced are fuel tank and lines, starter motor and ignition switch. Everything else is new genuine GM. It drives me mad but I’m starting to think it’s more to do with the age of the fuel and the loss of octane. If you research modern fuel and how much octane it loses over a short period of time it will give you an idea. The more I drove mine last year the better it got.

    I would start by draining off the fuel if it’s got old fuel in the tank and put some fresh fuel
    through it before throwing any money at it


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      Id try changing the crank shaft sensor fella.