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engine differences 1300 vs 1400

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  • engine differences 1300 vs 1400

    my Mark 1 with a 1991 1400 engine has just been written off, so i now have a Mark 2 1988 1300 in amazing condition, and won't be going back to Mk 1's. Before i let the Mk 1 go to the scrappie, i'm thinking of stripping off some parts. My question, would the cyl head from the 1400 fit straight on the 1300, and, would the inlet manifold and carb from the 1400 fit on the 1300 head. Also, is the Bosch igntion set-up (from the 1400) better than the Delco-Remy (on the 1300)? and are they interchangeable? (The 1300 currently has a Weber replacement carb).

    also on the lookout for GTE front and rear air dam/bumpers to tart it up a bit.


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    the 1.3s have arch shaped inlet ports on the cylinder head and the 1.4 are square, so the induction side is all or nothing situation (has to match the head) i think yes the head physically bolts to the block but the increase in engine size came from pistons so you may end up with compression ratio issue.

    the engines are within a few % the same BHP, but the 1.4 was designed to increase low end torque (something vauxhall did with all their engines between 87 and 89) i'm not sure i would necessarily try and make a hybrid, the 1.3 is a gem.


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      thanks Darren, yes the 1400 was gutless compared to the 1300, but my current 1300 has a Weber replacement carb and i don't think its such a good instrument as the standard carb on the 1400 (Varajet i asume), as the 1300 is rather jittery in traffic, and not so good in the warm-up. Maybe i'll try putting the Vraajet onto the 1300?


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        1400 had the same Pierburg 2E3 I think? As no-one had a clue about turning one screw (all the autochoke needs to get it working again usually!) a lot were swapped or converted back in the day.