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20xe cam pullys

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  • 20xe cam pullys

    To cut a long story short I?ve spent the last couple of months trying to get the car started but its not having any of it, i will post back what ive tried at a later date

    My question is for now is about the cam pulleys, both the inlet and exhaust have the same part number that is 90284334 but looking on epc one of the pulleys should be 90411771 is this correct? im asking because it sounds like the timing is out but all marks are correct


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    90284334 is the early round tooth pulley (42 teeth)
    90411771 is the later 20XE-LN square too pulley (46 teeth)

    if your engine is original astra unit it will be early round tooth. i know that EPC lists both in the mk2 astra section, but later square tooth was never fitted to mk2s

    to clarify, if its early setup it has a 90284334 on both the inlet and exhaust cam. if its a later setup it has 90411771 on both the inlet and exhaust cam.


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      Hi Darren,
      Thanks for that info i though as much because I have 4 spare round tooth pulleys in the toolbox and all have the same part number 90284334 , mine is the original early 20xe engine

      Going to post up everything I've done and replaced and see if you can think of anything else that could be the problem.

      Been working on these engines for years even when I used to work for wj King's rebuilt, repaired and replaced more xe engines than I can remember but this set up is testing me at the moment.