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    After a recent conversion on my engine from a distributor type (m2.5) to coil pack (m2.8), my idle speed is not okay. The engine works and runs fine (~1000 RPM) until it completely warms up, then the idle speed rises to 1500 which really bothers me. Does anybody know why might this be happening? everything is stock, the camshafts are from a coil pack engine, and there are no fault codes except for the oxygen sensor which is broken. Is it possible for the lambda (o2 sensor) to cause the engine to go in some sort of safe mode and run so damn high?
    # Also I have drilled the banjo bolt to 2mm, instead of the factory 1.5mm? but I don't think that's making such big difference ?

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    With the lambda controlling AFR it could be that once it warms up the Lambda isn't reading the correct parameters and isn't changing the AFR accordingly. It would be worth replacing the Lambda as it could cause issues especially if the AFR starts to get lean

    Also check all the vacuum lines are on the manifold and none are cracked or perished