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    Has anyone got any details on the placement of the Roosemotor Sport hose set? I ordered the "Astra E MK2 2.0L16V GTE/ Kadett GSI Ancillary Hose Kit NON ABS" but its not obvious which hose goes where. I have a schematic of the hose layouts, but the ones I have received don't to have an obvious placement and the shapes don't make it obvious either. The engine was stripped several years ago so I cant just do a straight swap on the hose positions and work it out. Any help or pictures would be appreciated, thanks.

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    If it's the "schematic" I am thinking of (a cleverly drawn 20xe engine bay that comes up top of Google images) then it's actually wrong

    if you take a photo of the hoses we can hose nerd them for you


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      I used the diagram that was posted on here by Vinci, I was assuming this was correct. I have now worked it out, it was the hose from the heater matrix to the back of the plastic gallery that was throwing me. The natural shape of the hose makes it look like the connection to the plastic gallery should be in a different position to where mine actually is. I'm guessing there are a couple of different versions and Roose maybe only cater for one. However the hose was flexible enough to bend and connect to the right position without kinking so all good.


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        bang on, its the L shaped plastic gallery which throws the diagrams (and rooses hoses) i mean there's 2 different types even for mk2 20XE engines.