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Weber carb air filter clearance

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  • Weber carb air filter clearance

    Hi, I?ve got a clearance issue with my Weber carbs and the brake lines coming out of the servo. I?ve got no room to fit the air filter. There?s a few options, but wanted to ask if anyone has an easy fix for this problem. thanks

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    Is it just the reducing valves that are in the way? If you were to remove them and refit them part way along the bulkhead instead, would that buy you enough space to get the filter on?

    I've just had to learn how to tune Webers to get my Lotus running acceptably - what setup have you got there?

    See my project car HERE.


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      I think it?s just the reducing valves, but I need to drain the system and remove them to see if that gives me enough clearance. Would you recommend using the reducing valves further down the brake lines or using a brake bias control? It?s going to be a track day car.

      It?s a 1.8sri re-bored with new pistons and twin 40 webers, piper cam, ported and polished head, megajolt ignition, and I can?t remember where the exhaust came from. It?s stripped out with a roll cage and bucket seats. I also have a fibreglass bonnet and boot but think I might sell them rather than try and fit them, depends what they?re worth.


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        basically you need to mount the pressure reducing valve remotely. this was done out of the factory on mk2 cavaliers (as an example) for air cleaner clearance

        its a relatively simple DIY job using stock cunifer hose and an after-market "bulkhead" fitting clipped somewhere out of the way. for max clearance you can use aeroquip or similar banjo fitting on the master cylinder and braided hose to wherever you mount the bulkhead fitting.

        i did option 2 (using aftermarket brake fittings and braided hose) but its just personal choice, the banjo fitting on the master avoids having to make a sharp turn in cunifer

        the threads on the master cylinder are M12x1 and M10x1 (sized differently to stop average joe mixing the hoses up)
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          its not a fantastic picture, but you can see the heads of the banjo bolts just snug into the foam here...

          Click image for larger version

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            Thanks for that Darren, I?ve got the reducing valve off and I can get the air filter on, I have a bit more clearance than you so I?m going to give it a go making some new conifer lines and reposition the reducing valve like you said. I may use the banjo idea if it proves too difficult. Thanks again. Matt