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Fuel Pipe Puzzle

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  • Fuel Pipe Puzzle

    Think I may have messed up??

    Put on the fuel pump/filter/diaphragm unit this afternoon & then realised that I'd forgotten to fit the rear metal fuel feed pipe before i bolted the tank up!

    I tried threading the pipe over the tank with no success so I then slackened off the o/s tank strap bolt to increase the gap & although it now goes over the top of the tank I just can't seem to turn it enough to get the pipe angles right at both ends.

    Does this mean that I've got to drop the tank & the exhaust down completely down again to get a perfect fit?

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    this is the one that runs along the drivers side chassis rail, tucked right up through some metal P clips ?


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      Hi Darren the best way that I can describe it is from the main feed pipe that runs down along under the drivers side sill panel with the return & brake pipe. At the back end of the feed pipe there's a short 4" ish rubber pipe that joins a much shorter but multi angled rear metal feed pipe that seems to link over the fuel tank to another longer rubber pipe that joins the front of the fuel filter.

      As for fixings I'm not too sure at all as I have none, so was going to have a look at the underbody for clues once the pipe route is sorted correctly.

      Many thanks in advance


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        you got any pictures?


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          this the best i can get for you, i have highlighted the hard hose in yellow. as i mentioned it traces the edge of the floor pan and chassis rail, tucks behind all the fuel filler pipe and breathers, then pops out behind them and then S bends down to the fuel filter. hard hose has rubber lined metal P clips with self tapping bolts into the chassis rail

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            That's fantastic Darren many thanks. I'll have a lay underneath it at the weekend & offer the pipe up armed with your pictures.


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              no probs, i took these so i can remember where to put them back myself

              p.s to answer your original question, yes would need to take the tank off in order to route them as above.


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                Hi Darren

                Finally had some time to getting the tank out!

                How many 'P' clips does yours have holding the metal fuel pipe on please?

                Many thanks


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                  not sure! 2 or 3 maybe. should find the holes on the rail even if they arent being used right now


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                    Ok great, thanks Darren I'll have a closer look at the that chassis rail.