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  • White smoke

    well, more help needed!! My 16v seems to like creating lots of whispy White smoke. Thought it may have been moisture from being standing but does not clear. There is no signs of water in oil, or oil in water. Doesn't seem to be loosing water (although only letting it run in my drive for half hour or so). When first start the car it's fine, warmer it gets the worse it is. Can't feel any obvious moisture or smell from exhaust. Possible small fail on head gasket ????

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    if head gasket has blown enough to suck water into the cylinders it will also put compression back into cooling system, so you would expect hoses to be rock hard like bullets. and it will also get slowly worse until its much easier to diagnose

    i'd forget about until you are using the car more and can really tell any losses

    worth noting that the byproducts of combustion are CO2 and water! about 1 kilo of water for every kilo of petrol burnt.


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      mine white smoked its nuts off for about 15 mins first time it was started and that was stored in a reasonably damp free place.


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        looks the head gasket is a goner. Had a better look today and there is lots of water in the tail pipe, also filled the expansion tank right up to the top and could clearly see lots of bubbles rising up. So going to have a bash at changing the head gasket tomorrow! Wish me luck !


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          Wait, does the cooling system hold pressure a day after running? Does it lose water? Does it misfire when started?


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            Not sure on the first two. But does misfire when first start. What's you thinking ??


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              My car had the same issue, and the headgasket was the culprit.


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                Check out RallyMarshal build diary as we had the HG let go at the last event in the 1600cc, coolant channel into firing ring. Instant back pressure into the coolant system when started, lots of white smoke and it drank coolant quickly......bugger. Good luck with your fix.

                My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.