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No permanent live on red wire in radio loom.

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  • No permanent live on red wire in radio loom.

    I'm trying to disentangle the mess of wiring my radio loom has become with the help of a DVM I've borrowed from work.

    I've identified:
    Brown = earth
    Thin black = switched live
    Grey/green stripe = illumination (don't need)
    Red = always 0v, dead.

    non-loom wires red and yellow coming from behind the clock, both permanently live.

    then there are:

    blue and brown with blue stripe
    white and brown with white stripe
    yellow and brown with yellow stripe - the plain yellow looks thicker than the other speaker wires not sure about it...
    deffo got brown with green stripe, can't remember if I found plain green...

    So, I need to pop the clock out to find out why there's 2 extra wires coming off it.

    I found a thread on here about the red wire feed coming from the back of the hazard switch and people forgetting to plug it in after having the dash apart, there was even a pic but I can't find now how much of the dash has to come apart?

    Also can I assume that as the switched live in the loom (thin black) has power the fuse is ok?

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    Re: No permanent live on red wire in radio loom.

    Just pop out the hazard switch and see if it's still connected, or undo clock surround and gently pull it forward and have a look, it's red wire is usually at the bottom of the switch


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      Re: No permanent live on red wire in radio loom.

      Yellow is to do with ignition constant I think.
      Had them written down somewhere can get you List to ISO


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        Re: No permanent live on red wire in radio loom.

        Fixed it but not before blowing a fuse! Someone had bodged wires on the back of the clock so when I pulled it out, they shorted on something.

        Red wire was just disconnected off the back of the hazard switch, popped the switch blanks beneath it off to grab the wire and reconnected it. Binned the wires off the back of the clock, stripped back and rewired the original loom connections, I found a list on here posted by Mr. G i think it was.

        I even checked with my DVM to measure the resistance of the speaker wire pairs to confirm I had it right.

        Now got my philips 681 I got off mrdezzer in which works great
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