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Mk2 Astra ISO wire colours.

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  • Mk2 Astra ISO wire colours.

    This was recently asked in another thread so i have added it to here to help everyone else , More times then not the origonal ISO plug fitted to the mk2 astra has been cut out and you have to fit a new one, this should aid any confusion when it comes to fitting a replacment ISO block.

    Power wires:

    Thin red wire - Permanent live.
    Thin black wire - Ignition switched live.
    Thick brown wire - Earth

    Speaker wires:

    Offside front speaker:

    Solid green - positive
    Brown with green stripe - negative

    Nearside front speaker:

    Solid blue - positive
    Brown with blue stripe - negative

    Offside rear speaker:

    Solid white - positive
    Brown with white stripe - negative

    Nearside rear speaker:

    Solid yellow - positive
    Brown with yellow stripe - negative

    There is also a thin green/grey wire and a thin red/white wire, these to i am not sure about but they will be redundent with a new system.
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    Re: Mk2 Astra ISO wire colours.

    hi mate these are the other 2 your loooking at.
    grey/green - illumination (dims head unit when lights are on)
    red/white - elec aerial/amp remote switch on
    some also have a blue/red - speed pulse


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      Re: Mk2 Astra ISO wire colours.

      Ah nice one cheers matey.