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  • Headlight Problem

    Hi, I have got a headlight problem on a GTE. The side lights work fine, but when I turn the light switch for the headlights, they don't come on, the main beam still works.
    I've checked the fuses for the headlights and they are still good, I've changed both headlight bulbs, and the headlights still don't work. I've unpluged the dim/dip switch to see if this the problem,
    and the headlights still don't work, the headlight picture symbol does come on when I then the light switch to the headlight position.
    I've unpluged a headlight and the bulb failure symbol comes on, can anyone help with this problem, thanks.

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    damn, my go-to answer was going to be the dim dip relay !!

    youll have to trace the fault witha multi meter i think, see if you are getting 12v at the H4 plugs, same at the barrel switch in the car if you pull it out of the dash. the headlights are also fused from memory, theres a map/picture on the back of the fuse box cover to show which does which.


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      Hi, after all this time changing the bulbs and 3 light switches, the headlights still don't work, is there a headlight relay on the car somewhere?


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        they are full load through the switch barrel and fuse box


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          How easy is it to de-pin the multi connector that the light switch plugs into?