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Car won't start

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    Although I got the correct terminals second time around I still was referencing the wrong diagram. From the 20XE diagram (in the Haynes manual) it looks like my first attempt wouldn't do any damage as it looks like relay terminal 87(pin 37 on the Motronic) gets 12v anyway when the first relay is closed (if I have read the diagram right) And from the diagram I am guessing the wire bridge alone wont be enough for the car to run.


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      When I put the relay back on Sunday I did give it a special engineers tap to see if that would help.


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        Originally posted by H286 View Post
        When I put the relay back on Sunday I did give it a special engineers tap to see if that would help.
        I'd love to say that would work but it never has for me (or others from what I recall )

        But just test the easy way as I mentioned .... That way everything else is as it should be but you are just feeding the pump + to override that function of the relay leaving the other functions it performs to do what they do

        Good luck.
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          Just test the voltage at the pump whilst starting it, make sure its got 12v.. If not do what the scrotes used to do to steal them back in the day, run a new wire to the pump to give it 12v permanent and try again


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            Just to confirm that the pump +12v is the small terminal?

            I have taken a flying lead from the 12v of the battery direct to the pump small terminal - The pump whirls round nicely.

            As soon as I turn the ignition key to II (i.e. not to engage the starter motor) - the pump stops. Have I made a mistake here?


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              The large terminal is +12V.

              The battery was getting flat so provided some assistance and powered the motor again but no luck........
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                however, when unplugged a ht cable to a gash spark-plug guess what happened?
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                  The engine started!!! I have no idea what I did to get it to work!!!

                  In the video the sound comes out different to real life.

                  The engine is idling a bit fast at circa 1200rpm.

                  It wont let me upload the video.


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                      The car is working fine now. I brought some new ignition leads (Quinton Hazell) and the car has worked fine since then. Some random pictures here from other checks I made. Click image for larger version

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                        The plugs are quite black, but might need a good run to clean up (need to get hot enough to self clean)

                        compression reading is very low for these engines, would expect 180 or more psi. I remember you said in your other post it was heavy breathing which probably ties in with that. it will go up a bit if the test is done with hot engine, my first gte was puffing a bit of blue smoke with 165psi readings