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  • Central locking

    Hi everyone, could anyone help with a central locking fault please. Only the drivers door is operating off the fob or key. The passenger door and boot don’t follow what the drivers door is doing. The problem was intermittent but now it stopped working all together. Thanks in advance

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    I assume that the drivers door has a retrofitted actuator to operate the lock, as the factory unit doesn't have a motor in it, just the switches.
    When the lock/switch moves, it shorts one of two contacts in the switch to ground, which then tell the CL controller (drivers kick panel) to operate the motors in the remaining doors.
    If its not doing that, either your drivers door switch is knackered, or the CL controller is knackered, or maybe a fuse gone You can check the motors by squirting 12v and ground down them to operate one way, and reverse the wires to change operation.


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      Hi many thanks for this, I will check this as soon as we get a dry day. I will report back when I find the problem