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  • Reversing Lamps Fuse

    I'm trying to fix the Reversing Lamps which are allegedly connected to the same fuse as the Glove Box Light, the Haynes Book of Lies says its Fuse 13 but it isn't on my car.
    In fact, I have pulled every Fuse from the Fuse Box (including the two on the back of the box) and nothing kills the Glove Box Light. The only thing that stops them working is turning off the ignition.
    I guess the Fuse Box Cover might help but I can't find it.

    Can anybody tell me were the Glove Box Light / Reversing Lights Fuse is located?

    The car is an 1987 GTE 2.0.

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    unfortunately my fuse box lid and my fuse box, plus an actual anecdote* agrees with haynes - fuse 13, which is the bottom left (as in nearest the clutch pedal)

    * spade connector had come off my reverse switch and kept dabbing on the gearbox casing, popping the fuse


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      Thanks for the reply Darren, the Reversing Lights are now fixed.

      The Switch on the Gearbox was not working so I replaced it with a new one, and the wiring was not connected at the X5 Plug dating all the way back to the Redtop Engine swap many years ago.
      Because of the age of the car, I don't need the Reversing Lights to be working for the MOT, but what the hell they are working now.

      As for the Fuse, I hope it never blows because it definitely isn't Fuse 13 and I haven't a clue where it is.