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Cooling Fan.. Resistor??

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  • Cooling Fan.. Resistor??

    What is this ? It's advertised on eBay as a resistor but when I measured its resistance it had none (0 OHMs).. I wanna know what exactly is this part and what does it do ? (I know its for the slower speed of the fan but I want to know how does it lower the speed, what is happening inside)

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    Sorry for double posting, it said server error!


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      i wasnt aware the fan had a resistor ! its not even on a relay, just full load through the thermostatic switch in the radiator


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        Blower fan rather than cooling fan I suspect (cooling fan doesn't even have a relay, let alone a resistor as Darren said) - but I've never seen one on a Mk2 like that before, they are normally the green cylindrical ones as far as I was aware. That one looks more like a Vectra-type one.
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          epc says its unique to the 15TD and 17TD engines (in mk2/kadett E)