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    Hi all,
    im sure this has been asked a 1000 times in the past, Just switcked the dash back on and found what looks like a run on the lcd, is there anyone out there who can repair it, if not will have to look out for another one?


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      Dan when the LCD goes like that they are generally un-repairable. You can take the digi-dash apart as the LCD sections are in individual parts (rev counter, speedo, oil/temp/battery/fuel units and just replace the section that shows the speed, that's if you can find a digi dash that's just up for sale for spares or repair. Alternatively if you can find a fully working one on ebay just replace the whole digi-dash unit is probably the better bet.

      You used to be able to get brand new digi dash units on Opel Classic's at around 200 euros but I think the NOS has long dried up.


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        Hi Clive, I have seen a few online so will just buy another when im ready for it unless i can find a faulty one with this part being ok, lots are being sold as untested and unsure if they have the tick or curve on the rev counter.


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          I have a complete dash & transducer, early tick type fully working when removed but been stored since 2009, may be tempted to sell as I still haven't got round to using it.


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            Once the car is finished later this year i will then look into buying another, seems to be quite a few for sale at the moment, trying to spend the money of the essential bits first, PM me with a price if you decide to sell it though