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16v GTE After market oil pressure gauge

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  • 16v GTE After market oil pressure gauge

    Hello All,

    Just need a bit of help please, I?m about to install the 6 52mm gauges into the car and one of then is an Oil pressure gauge that comes with its own sender unit, so my question is this
    Can I take that signal wire from the gauge and connect it to the oil pressure wire behind the digital dash or just fit the new sender unit in place or the original one and connect the original wire to the new sender along with the one from the gauge?

    Unless somehow, I can connect 2 sender units to the oil pump, I?ve not tried running it yet but thought id ask the question first.


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      senders are resistance driven and most likely on a different scale (stock one 0-5 bar, after-market 0-8 bar maybe, you can confirm) so yes the standard sender will move an after market gauge but it wont read right.

      yes you could swap standard sender for aftermarket and use the standard loom between after market sender and the digidash (but transfer the cabin end to the new gauge) obviously the digidash will read zero at the expense of the after-market gauge, which is not very neat. plus the standard sender has two functions, pressure variable and low pressure warning, so youd also have the oil lamp low pressure warning red box flashing all the time.

      theres a guide on fitting multiple senders in the members bit...


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        Cheers Darren that makes perfect sense, I would want the digidash to do what its meant to do and look right,
        The car has the early 20xe engine so will have a look tomorrow and see if I have that alan bolt, if so will have a look tomorrow and hopefully be able to leave the factory sender in place plus fit the after market in the other hole unless its blanked off then will have to try and find a T peace, if so do you know where I might be able to get one?

        Thanks for the link


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          This is my setup for the SPA oil pressure and temp gauge that I run. I had to move the OE pressure sensor to get it so fit nicely.

          My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.