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  • speedometer

    Hi guys speedometer on my gte stopped working today reads zero in kms and in mph just wondering is it the transducer at the gear box and if so has anyone got a spare one ? any light on this problem appreciated thanks !

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    has the milometer and trip counter stopped counting up too ? if yes, then transducer death !


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      yeah the milometer and trip stopped working a few months ago now the speedometer just reads a big 0 all the time . is the tranducers still available new ?


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        Seems they are few and far between but worth checking around.,22976/

        I have repaired one of mine in the past with a little super-glue so its worth taking it out and having a look ....

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          Check if yours is an AK (16 impulse) or AH (6 impulse). If it's an AH Daewoo use a 6 impulse tranducer that'll work with some loom plug mods. They are really cheap and will just bolt straight onto the mk2, check this eBay advert click me. I've got the loom pinouts somewhere but its the same as the mk2 with three wires and uses a stock three pin AMP brand plug, ign +ve, earth and signal wire for the dash. If your's is an AK not all is lost as you can change the switch on the top of the LCD dash to accept the 6 impulse version.

          Update: You're in luck as I've found my old post regarding the Daewoo part and have just updated my picture links, click me. Enjoy the read and if you require any further info post here.

          Update2: I've just also remembered you can do away with the transducer all together and use a front ABS sensor and impulse amp as I do as I can't run a speedo ring on my early Gripper LSD. More details here witha link to MIGweb where I detailed all the pinouts of the relay.
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