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  • Horn wiring help

    Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with the horn wiring, when I got the car back it had an aftermarket steering wheel fitted but the horn wasn't wired up, all I can see behind the wheel is a single 12v live black wire but nothing else to complete the circuit when connected to the factory steering wheel, the only was I can get the horn to sound is if I take that wire directly to the under bonnet relay terminal that has a 12v live when the ignition is on

    Should there be 2 live wires behind the steering wheel that would normally connect to the steering wheel and when pressed completes the circuit?


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    I cannot remember,but i would have thought there was a live and switched live so horn only works with ignition on!


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      Click image for larger version  Name:	20180516_213124.jpg Views:	1 Size:	3.81 MB ID:	521898Ok just got the horn working from the steering wheel as it should only with the ignition on, but no matter what fuse or relay I pull out it still works apart from the main ignition fuse, correct me if im wrong but its like its bypassing the horn relay?

      These is are the wires by the inner wing
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        it earths through the column

        base models have one klaxxon wired directly, sport models have the same horn plus a second unit to make "twin tone", the second horn is relayed off the wiring to the first
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          This had done my head in now and looks like someone has been playing with the wiring over the years so have decided to just ditch that small loom and fit a decent aftermarket horn.
          Apart from that the newley flocked dash can go back in.

          Thanks for your help Darren