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Fuel Level Ohms Range

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  • Fuel Level Ohms Range

    Does anyone know the Ohms Range of the Fuel Level sender??? Having issues with the Fuel Level gauge so need a base line to begin fault finding

    thanks in advance

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    Have you tried taking off the plug to the sender unit off and putting it directly to earth, this should send the needle to the top showing a full tank,
    This will work on both digital and analogue gauges


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      Thanks for the info mate, looks like the gauge is dead how-to find an Aftermarket one to fit as it's just a track car


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        Hi, no problem mate happy to help did you have the ignition on when doing this?

        Just keep looking and post up in the wanted threads and I?ll keep an eye out for you
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          Yeah mate ignition was on when tested going to search through tomorrow when at work, found some on eBay but they want to know the ohm range might have to pull out the sender and check


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            Ok just wanted to check. Another thing to check is the continuity between the sender unit and the wire on the back of the clock just to make sure the wiring is ok

            If not hope you get it sorted.


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              Sorry about the dodgy spelling the phone keyboard has been doing this since the update! lol


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                Checked this at the same time mate, will need to either fill up the tank or take the sender out to get a reading for the full so I can get a gauge that works.