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    Hi when i acquired my 8v 1985 Astra gte it came with no keys .i have a question if any one can help .when I get new keys and barrels will my current ecu still work with new keys ect .also can anyone know the best place to get new keys and barrels all round thanks .paul

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    Yes current ecu will be fine with new keys.. no programming required..

    Cheapest option is you may want to try and remove the door lock and asking your local locksmiths to try and make you a key.

    If you get stuck and can't find replacement lock set give me a shout i have a ignition lock, 2 x door locks, boot lock and glovebox lock all on 1 key total of 2 keys.... only thing I don' have is petrol cap.
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      Just a tip. If the lock in the boot is the one with a push button, the key code is stamped on the back of it. Either in the form for 'Sxxx' or 'Dxxx' the x'es beeing four digits. With this code you can order a brand new key directly from a main Vauxhall dealer. I've just done this, although I live in Denmark and hence used an Opel dealer instead. It only cost the equivalent to ?15 and took a week to arrive. But this was a genuine key, made to fit this exact key code. Not a replica made on a slightly worn used key, which means it operates the locks way better.


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        Thank u .you both have been a great help . much appreciated paul


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          Hi do u have to programme the key to the car


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            No, no key-embedded immobilisers on these cars, they didn't start fitting those until the facelift Mk3s in about 1995. Mk2 locks, like most of the era, are simple mechanical locks with no extra protection.