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Oil pressure on digidash

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  • Oil pressure on digidash

    On my dash when engine is running, my oil pressure is perfect, but the red light keeps blinking. Looking at the electrical diagram, it is the single blue/green wire.
    Everything is new on the engine, so also the oem pressure sender.
    Does anyone had the same problem, and how did you fix it.

    Only thing i can test is to connect it to the ground to see what happens.

    Thanks Roger

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    standard sender has circuits and 2 wires, one for the pressure gauge (the 5 yellow bars) and the other for low oil pressure warning (the oil can with flashing red brackets)

    so could just be the sender failing


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      Originally posted by Roger View Post
      On my oil pressure is perfect, but the red light keeps blinking.
      I believe the warning light circuit would be a *closed* circuit (as in the earthing of the wire to the sender switch will complete the circuit by earthing the connection on low pressure) So if the sender switch is new then I'd be looking for a pinched or chaffed wire causing the closed circuit before the switch ... Could test by removing the wire from the switch and see if the issue remains?


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        Yes thanks. Will try that when it is on the bridge. Can't reach it very well. I've redone that wire from the blinking light, and was okey.. Hopefully the sender is also okey. New one was very very hard to find...