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    Hi, I'm new to the forum so I apologise in advance if I've missed it, but is there a VIN / build plate decoder on here? I'm trying to find out the interior trim colour of my 1987 SRi so that I can source some door pockets / winder handles etc, to me it looks a light / mid grey colour but I've sometimes seen it described as blue? Many thanks.

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    I've got the Vauxhall EPC so may be able to decipher some information for you, if you want to PM me a pic of both the tags on the slam panel. Generally also gives you the options fitted, if any.

    As far as the interior is concerned, it'll likely be grey - there were three versions of the "Plaid Sport" trim, the early version in brown or grey, the middle version (with red piping and rough cloth bolsters) which was always grey I believe, and the late version with velour bolsters which was generally grey. Yours is a D-reg I think so should be the mid-spec and therefore standard grey.

    Although the sports Mk2s were always grey or brown inside on the pre-facelift, the "normal" base and L model interiors did indeed come in blue - as well as grey, beige and brown. It extended to the lower dash/glovebox, door cards, carpets and many of the plastics and was quite obvious which was which. You had no choice which one though as it was dictated by the exterior colour, so if you wanted a Nordic Blue car it came with the blue interior, a Mexico Red car had the beige interior, and so on. This extended into the early Mk3 Astras as well.

    Hope that helps!