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  • GRP front wings


    Does anyone have a good address where I can find GRP/Fibreglass front wings for the Kadett E/Astra GTE?
    I'm running a bit widened steel ones now, but need a few more mm to make sure nothing touches anymore. As i do not want to lose the OEM look I'm searching for someone who can make the front panels or sells standard GRP ones so i can try to find someone who can widen them for me...


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    Nobody an idea? Found one address in germany, but they are unreachable it seems..


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      It's a good question RallyMarshal know anyone?


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        I don't know anyone in the UK who does fg front wings. If you know a decent fabricator you should be able to get a welded strip added to the OE winging to pull them out further but retain the OE looks, that all depends on your budget. Another option would be to use an arch roller to stretch the existing wings out, a friend of mine did this successfully on his Nova front and rear and it doesn't look silly.

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          I've made wings wider in the past, with cutting it and make it wider. But i do not want to weld and grind anymore and find a lighter weight solution.
          I've found a few websites which have the wings on a photo, but nobody can deliver or respond to my questions.
          My current wings are already rolled, but can't go further because I will lose the oem look. The nova above is a no go for me...