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Bonnet release cable - not enough ooopmh

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  • Bonnet release cable - not enough ooopmh


    On my 16v the bonnet release cable may be stretched....I am not sure what the problem is except that when I pull the handle in the footwell it doesn't have quite enough travel to release the bonnet. Is there any adjustment possible? The release handle in the footwell does not look broken as far as I can tell. It feels like the cable is stretched as it moves the latch but not as far as is needed. It used to work then it got less reliable and now it doesn't work at all so that you have to release the catch by reaching up from underneath the car.


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    just to clarify, there is a lot of travel on the release handle which isn't enough to click the bonnet up.


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      Its usually the outer cable starts to slip through the clamp area see 35 on the diagram ....,21301,21310/

      You can probably get a small piece of abrasive material (lets say a snip of sanding disk or emery paper) and put folded between the clamp and the nylon cable sheath after adjusting to remove any slack.


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        Thanks - will try the adjustment.


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          Your outer cable requires adjustment that's all. Standing in front of the car with the bonnet open look down and to your right, trace the bonnet cable round the engine bay in a clockwise fashion and where it meets the slam panel down to your right you'll see a clamp. Undo the screw holding the clamp in place, hold the black outer cable to the right of your clamp and gently pull to your right and this will add pressure to the inner cable. Stop pulling when you see the striker release spring starting to move and then tighten the cable clamp. Check bonnet release handle prior to closing bonnet just in case it's not adjusted correctly. You will feel more resistance and the striker release spring move immediately as you pull on the release lever.
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