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Sunroof and headlining

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  • Sunroof and headlining

    Been having a trawl through the forums, not really found answers so far. My headlining is sagging. I replaced it about 8 years ago with a second hand lining, but that has now gone the same way It's made out of compressed cardboard with a layer of foam and then a covering. Are these available new ? - or what is the way to fix them !. Also my sunroof cover has gone the same way + it wont open. Will a mk3 sunroof fit ? thanks

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    basically its a heat cycle issue and age. hardboard + scrim foam + vinyl cloth.

    as foam ages it tries to turn back to its natural state (oil) and the cloth starts sagging as the parts separate.

    to have any kind of success you need to pull the cloth off, scrape the foam remains off the cloth AND the board, thoroughly degrease it, and then try and refurb it. you can buy scrim foam by the meter if you fancy trying to keep the original cloth. or you can buy generic head lining by the meter of similar colour which already has the scrim foam bonded on the back.

    need to use very high temp spray contact adhesive, had it on good authority from respected classic car restorer to use products from Martrim.