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Hi,what color dark grey are you painting bumper inserts with???

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  • Hi,what color dark grey are you painting bumper inserts with???

    Any tips on color?
    Rover hurricane grey looks a good match.
    Thanks steve

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    Don't paint them, just restore them with the heat gun ...

    Mine have always restored that way.

    Obviously do it with care ... all you are doing is bleeding (sweating) the oil out .... keep moving and never over heat, allow it a few seconds to cool before wiping ...
    My vehicles:
    1985 Astra GTE 1.8 8v, 2002 Omega Est, 1978 MGB GT, 1973 Honda CB500 K2, 1993 Honda Sevenfifty, 2005 Suzuki Grand Vitata .......


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      Hi,i have used this method before.
      I need to paint them because they do not quite match the bottom bumper trim.
      Thanks steve


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        Hi Steve as Laurie says the easiest was to revitalise them is the heat gun method however if you really have to paint them which I ended up having to have done on mine the guy that painted my car used the following paint and process:
        Brown Bros Mid Grey bumper and trim coating: Adhesion promoter 1st coat, Texture coating 2nd coat, Then colour / paint applied 3rd.
        (the above assumes you want the blue grey OE look)


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          Thanks for reply,yeah looking for as close to oem look as possible.
          Cheer steve