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Astra 16 v engine under tray

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  • Astra 16 v engine under tray

    I was just wandering how many gte,s still have there engine under tray.
    I have had 5 gte,s and my current one is the only one to have it?

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    Hi Steve yes mine is still wearing its under tray. Allbeit before the resto the centre panel covering the sump was missing. Managed to track the centre section including the clips and nuts down from Opel in Greece but that was nearly 5 years ago. I think there are a few members cars on here still wearing them but they are probably one of the rarest parts to get hold of now.


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      Mine is gone, sadly. The car's managed to keep all the other stuff like the radio and passport, all the manuals, dealer plates etc but the undertray is long gone. Funny thing is, I don't remember them being especially flimsy compared to anything else...I wonder if it was just lazy service departments back in the day.

      I've tried and failed to find a new one too.
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        I suspect that many a under tray got taken off at service time as you say Pigeonrat and promptly skipped.
        This is my first gte with one on lol!


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          My 16v has / had one when I sold the car last year so I suspect its still wearing it

          Indeed the problem with mine was always after a dealer service it would drop down because they did not fasten the Zuse screws in to the clips correctly.

          I added plates with nut-serts and used pan head alan screws. it never budged after that

          I believe that any that have retained their belly pan will also boast a near spotless bulkhead

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