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    I've bought a set of replica graphics, but have a original GM spoiler graphic. The vinyl pattern looks very different between the two types, with the spoiler graphic having a much more pronounced finish. The replicas are supposed to be on blackboard vinyl is this supposed to be smoother than the spoiler vinyl? You can just about see the difference in the picture below. Can anyone confirm please as I've booked someone to come and fit them and don't want to get it wrong.

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    Hi yes the spoiler decal on a genuine GM decal kit for a GTE does have a coarser finish on it compared to the rest of the vinyl kit. I have approached two graphics companies in the past with a genuine GM spoiler decal and neither of them could get hold of the vinyl material to match the coarser grain.

    I have no idea why Vauxhall / GM did this or the motive behind it. I was told it was a coarser grade of vinyl that must have only been made available and supplied direct to the automotive industry.
    Sounds like the supplier of your kit has had the same problems I had with the two graphics suppliers I tried. As you have a genuine GM spoiler decal I would fit that and then just use the rest of the replica kit for the rest of the car


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      Only spoiler Decal is heavy texture as Clive says above people can't replicate it or don't know it was different. You have a gm one from me trust the GM
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        Thanks for the clarifications, I was always going to go with the GM spoiler one, just wanted to make sure the others weren't supposed to be the same before they were fitted.

        Just in case it helps anyone else the backing on the genuine GM says it's Scotchcal


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          Forgot to ask, is the GTE on the boot vinyl cut into the vinyl or is it a separate sticker? I can see the 16V is a separate one. Cheers


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            Separate sticker - from factory it comes with the GTE logo
            on it but no 16v