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  • Roll cage mod

    I know i need to start a diary of the resto/race prep car and i will soon.
    Here is the rear section of the cage i got back today, next step is to re drill the bolt holes for the arch plates then its off to the powder coaters. The dash is now out and being flocked and all the wiring is nice and neat ready for the dash to go back in. The before photo is old.

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    nice job. i need to do the same (delete bolt in options and weld in X diagonals


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      Yeah definitely worth doing and this way then the cage is still a bolt in. For what you see in pic 2 cost me ?160 from
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        Is it for competition or not?

        Just wondering if all the various cross members meet the MSA minimum tube sizing as its now modified it cant be used with a cage cert - will need to be tube measured instead.

        My rallying with mk2 adventures...


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          No not for official competition use alought I will be doing a fair amount of track days but not in a series so will be ok, it's main use will be for shows and road use.

          good point though for anyone else thinking of using the car for competition use.
          The main hoop is 52mm and the rest is 42mm and is a genuine OMP cage

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