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[Germany] gambla's original Kadett E-CC GSI 16V

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  • [Germany] gambla's original Kadett E-CC GSI 16V

    Hey guys,

    I also finally decided to introduce myself or rather introduce my car. My name is Steffen, my family and I live in a small Railway- and Opel-worker's town close to Ruesselsheim, Germany. I first came across your forum googling for headlamp-bumper-rubber-seals (thread) and got awesome support from Clive.

    About the car:

    It's an original 1989' Kadett E-CC GSI 16V. I've bought the car in 1998 with 128.000 kms and drove it another 160.000 kms as a "daily", until 2015. In my younger years, I never really looked after it as I didn't know much about cars and wasn't really into it. Neither did I ever imagine a Kadett could become something like a classic car. However I frequently had the oil changed, and that's what probably saved it. What actually nearly killed it was, surprise, rust. So in 2007 I decided to keep it but only had the money for some basic rust restoration / repairs and to keep it running at all. With limited skills and low budget, I'm basically "restoring", bit by bit, ever since. Having only a tiny garage I leave bigger repairs to the professionals. Planned since some years, in August 2017, I finally "raced" three laps on the Nordschleife (Nuerburgring) and crossed the 300.000 kms mark. In 2019, I finally could afford a new paint job which made it a whole new car. I've now clocked about 303.182 kilometers.

    basic infos:

    Type: Opel Kadett E-CC GSI 16V 3-door
    Engine: 2.0 L 16V DOHC (C20XE)
    Construction year: 1989
    Date of purchase: 1998
    Previous owners: 1
    Purchase price: € 2200 (4400 DM)
    Colour: black metallic "Starmist" (Opel 256)
    Mileage: 303.182 km (186411 miles)
    Rims: BBS RX 211 - 7x16 (Calibra DTM-Edition)

    Certified as (H)istoric Car in 2020 - H-number plate (special VIN for historic cars)

    For my former colleagues in the UK/US and this forum, I've created a gallery on my OneDrive.

    Pictures are from 2020: full gallery on OneDrive








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    A cool car Steffan


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      Very nice looking car, number plate suits the car as well.....


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        Thanks guys.


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          that looks lovely....great colour


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            Nice write up and pics. The Calibra 16" rims look at home on the GTE and not something you usually see so it's good to be different
            My GTE diary and the mk3 Arctic 3.0 V6 diary.


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              Very nice, and welcome!