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88 belmont merit

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  • 88 belmont merit

    so this came up locol to me and my son stephen and we couldnt resist 2 owners 31k a priest owned from new until last year its no standard merit tho hubs caps were white has spoiler sunroof ect had a white stripe up its side and and a front bumper add on i guess it was a dealer special edition ect only car i ever seen similar was called a belmont blazer only difference it was blue i cant find anything that such a car ever exsisted tho, it is a genuine northern irish car which makes it a rare item indeed its the perfect base for the rotten 87 sri i sold to a family member tho might still go that way....add on for front in last picture
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    Wow, that looks like its just come out of the showroom.. Great find


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      might have even be an eclipse
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        so checked today it has
        5 speed
        rear spoiler
        white gl style hubcaps
        height adjustable driver seat
        and know it formily wore a white stripe with an name
        so almost certain it was indeed a belmont eclipse!


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          If I had an emoji with huge big love heart eyes I would use it!


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            so the sri gathering bits ect has started ,so far we got
            2.0seh cav sri
            f16 gte box
            full set new 4dr sri trims with red insert
            vauxhall red stripe to be added to both bumpers
            have 4x sri trims for her in ok condition searching for mints ones or maybe refurb these
            touched for a full 88 sri interior not in great condition but cant be fussy tho ive another on the hook, couldnt pass this up as it was not 15 mins from my house,we have decided to have car fully resprayed and will have bottom wrapped in grey/blue and sri decals added
            bits i still need are
            steering wheel ,clocks with rev counter, mats
            14 steel wheels ,seh intake pipe,wiper motor ,injection fuel tank and setup, sri/gte roll bar, and we are close to pushing for to complete it
            some pics below of starting interior and cleaning boot carpet ect too