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Black GTE 16v Restoration

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    Originally posted by boybutler View Post
    Think that’s the problem , I’ve got it loaded on windows 7
    genuinely i only upgraded to win7 about 6 weeks ago (from xp) epc not working was one of my main concerns of changing (bit sad i know).

    anyway, i found a thing called "windows xp mode" which is a free download from microsoft, its an addon for virtual machine (also free from microsoft) and it works brilliantly! it literally runs a fully functional version of windows xp in its own window, in windows7. i use it for epc and some other old legacy stuff
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      Just got all the bits I needed from a guy in West Yorkshire , a hell of a drive from Milton Keynes but he’s got everything and I saw his gte 16v which he built with every bit and bolt new , even the shell! He owns and it’s saved me months trying to find bits I reckon. Now back to stripping the car out for painting