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    scotchlocks really twist my fucking nipples. my old land rover had a new rear quarter chassis, fairly standard stuff except the whole car loom runs through the cavity of the chassis rails. whoever did the chassis just basically snipped the bundle of 12 odd wires, replaced the rear cross member, then used scotchlocks to JOIN the wires back up (baring in mind their purpose is to splice into an existing wire, not join two bare ends, and they are pretty shit at both) then they poked the whole shitty mess back inside the chassis rail.

    as you know scotchlocks make a pretty good wire stripper, give them half a sideways glance and they pull out of the clasp pretty cleanly. this happened to the brake light wire, unknown to me as its inside the chassis, caused me months of aggro
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      ive removed a carrier bag full of unnecessary wires from the front of the car alone hopefully they weren't doing something important , reckon there will be a break in the ignition system somewhere now will find that when needed.